Committed to high-quality workmanship
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A bit about me..

Hi, I’m Sarah Howard and have been based in Hamilton for 26 years. I was interested in painting and decorating before I left high school but wasn’t aware of any way into it until a few years later as the high school I was at solely pushed us towards university and polytech courses.  I eventually started working for a painter in 2000 to learn it and am now qualified with 23 years experience in mainly residential new work and repaints. Having 7 years of experience doing some industrial and commercial painting has also been valuable. I have been self employed as a sole trader since September 2022.

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Committed to high-quality workmanship
and customer service excellence

Exterior Repaints

Fence Transformation

Renovating your old fence can create instant street appeal for your property.  This fence was in need of a makeover with faded posts and paint.  After the fence had been cleaned and waterblasted, two coats of stain were applied to the posts and a new semi gloss acrylic spray finish applied to the corrugated iron panels creating a new look for the property.

Interior Repaints

Interior repaint with feature wall

A feature wall or accent wall is an eye catcher and can be an effective way of defining an area for a specific purpose. This feature wall for the dining area was chosen by the client.


Extensive new renovation

This job was almost a complete renovation of a two storeyed 1970’s dwelling consisting of existing ceilings upstairs with all new walls, doors and trim.   See my gallery for more photos.  Gallery button below.

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