Transporting you into a new era of home ownership

When it comes to making home ownership affordable, sustainable, and also just downright exciting, nothing quite comes close to a relocatable bungalow. These one-storey movable homes have increased in popularity over the years, with first-time homebuyers and long-time property owners alike investing in their ingenuity. 

What is it, though, that makes them so loved? If like so many others, your interest has been piqued by the relocatable bungalow and you’re keen to learn more about them, Uplifting Homes has got you covered! 

We’ve compiled a list of all the advantages, costs, and other useful information about relocatable bungalows. Keep on reading to learn everything there is to know about these fascinating pieces of architecture.

The advantages of buying a relocatable bungalow

If you’re wondering why these houses have risen in demand and what benefits there are to buying one, then keep on reading! Relocatable bungalows have become the house of choice for many people across New Zealand for a number of different reasons, such as: 

It’s the more affordable option

With house prices soaring to unrealistic levels in recent years, relocatable homes are making home ownership an achievable goal once more. Many first-time home buyers are getting on the housing ladder and saving money by searching for second-hand bungalows for sale rather than investing in new builds.

It’s better for the planet

According to Greater Auckland Inc., a new home emits an average of 42tonnes of Co2 just from the building materials and construction process alone. This results in a massive carbon footprint before the house has even been lived in. Removable homes, on the other hand, allow you to avoid these emissions altogether.

These buildings were built years ago, meaning no new resources or additional construction is required. Opting to give these homes a new life instead of building new is a much more sustainable option. What’s more, many of the removable bungalows we have for sale are saved from demolition, reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainable living even further.

You know exactly what you’re getting

At Uplifting Homes, we take care to only source the most high-quality buildings for our customers. As well as making sure our relocatable homes are structurally sound, we also perform asbestos testing on every building we have for sale. The homes we sell have already stood strong for decades, and you can rest assured that they’ll continue to do so in the future.

The costs involved

So, how much does it actually cost to buy and relocate a bungalow? At Uplifting Homes, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible, which is why we strive to let you know the costs of everything upfront. We provide comprehensive quotes to all of our customers, and further information about the costs associated with house relocation is available on our buyer information page

Ultimately, the final cost depends on circumstances such as:

  • The size and price of the home you buy
  • How accessible the new site is
  • The distance between the home’s current site and your new site
  • Whether or not your relocatable home requires renovations

Find your own relocatable bungalow with Uplifting Homes

At Uplifting Homes, we are dedicated to giving old buildings a new lease on life. Our experienced team help people across the North Island of New Zealand to find their dream home, with an incredible selection of houses for sale on our website. We have a range of relocatable bungalows, villas, minor dwellings and more for you to choose from, with new listings becoming available regularly.

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